When the moon hits your eye

Why is all television romance so completely untrue to life?

“The Bachelor” (and his erstwhile companion, “The Bachelorette”) promise love through travel and open adultery, sealed with a Final Rose and a free ring from ABC.

Sitcoms–the few remaining–have long since settled into a pattern of idiot man-children redeemed by smokin’ hot wives who forgive any and all mistakes.

Over on E! you can watch a Kardashian show about a marriage that was over before the first episode aired.

Seriously, what the hell?

Where’s the messy, non-melodramatic love that most of us know? The love that picks up our socks without a sassy quip. The love that gets jealous at the wrong things and doesn’t speak to you for three hours. The love that rolls its eyes at your corny pickup line but still goes to bed with you. You don’t see that much on TV.

I know–the audience values simplicity of emotion (at least on network TV), with clear heroes and villains. No messy parts.

All of which makes “Parenthood” more remarkable. To be honest, I don’t love the show. It’s well-acted and well-written, but not the sort of thing that hooks me. But it gets little moments right in a way I thought only HBO was doing now. It deserves renewal, for the good of the medium. Scripts! Actors! Talent!

Beats the Kardashians.


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