Seeing the menu

At Ruby Tuesday, there was a lighting change somewhere during the dinner hour. Our general manager would make things dimmer. Some of the servers called it “our cave lighting.”

Why do restaurants do this? Does “darkness” now equal “atmosphere”? It’s Ruby Tuesday, guys. You can rest assured that this isn’t the big, romantic date.

“My darling, I love you so!”

“How great is your love, dearest?”

“There is more love in my heart than there are knick-knacks on these walls!”

“Tell me more!”

“I love you more than I love the Jim Croce song that’s playing right now!”

“Be still, my heart!”

“Nay, I love you as much as I love adding a salad bar to my chicken tender entree for only $2.49!”

“Perchance, Fair One, we might excuse ourselves to the restroom, where you can ravish me…”

“As I ravish these potato skins…”


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