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Pay-per-view ready!

My older cousin Nick was a visionary, and his vision involved me getting punched in the face repeatedly. I wasn’t alone; the other younger cousins would take punches, too. Of course, Nick’s genius was that he found a way to … Continue reading

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Never seen anything like it…

Libertarianism has its limits. Specifically, your rights end when they begin to impact my rights. When it comes to drug usage, I don’t much care what you want to do to your body. You get drunk every Tuesday night? Fine–call … Continue reading

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A three-year-old sees a doctor, wants second opinion

“Daddy, it’s your turn to be a doctor!” She handed me the toy medical kit. “Okay, Patient Mia, what seems to be the problem?” “My head hurts.” “What hurt you?” “A baby attacked me.” “Did you call the police?”. “Well, … Continue reading

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Looking back from 100

This is blogpost 100. To this’d point, there have been over 5,000 views of my blog, and people from a dozen countries. Thanks for sticking with it, folks. I’ve received so much positive feedback and so many kind words. I … Continue reading

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Bloodshot eyes, cottonmouth

Leaves of Grass made me want to smoke weed. (Not the Walt Whitman poetry book, mind you–the movie.) In the film, Edward Norton plays identical twins, both of whom are geniuses. One of these men uses his intellect to overcome … Continue reading

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Wink, wink

Crying and screaming, kicking and hitting, pissing and shitting. Hooray for kids! I cannot understand why anyone would want to use birth control. These little darlings are so amazing! Who wouldn’t want to be awakened by the screaming of an … Continue reading

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Eyewitness to shame

I have seen Caligula five times, and that should be a cause for shame, but somehow I feel pride. This is one of the most reviled films ever made, hated by almost everyone who’s ever seen it. Hell, I hated … Continue reading

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