Bloodshot eyes, cottonmouth

Leaves of Grass made me want to smoke weed. (Not the Walt Whitman poetry book, mind you–the movie.) In the film, Edward Norton plays identical twins, both of whom are geniuses. One of these men uses his intellect to overcome his hick Oklahoma background and become an Ivy League professor. The other has focused his brain on growing the best pot on Earth. The film is really about competing philosophies–characters quote Whitman and Plato and the Cynics–but weed is everywhere, looking so green and lush…

Perhaps I’m one of the few in my generation never to smoke, but I feel vaguely that I’ve missed out on something. Lazy afternoons listening to reggae, perhaps. (Would weed help me enjoy Bob Marley more?)

I prove the value if federal drug policy: I have never smoked pot because it’s illegal, and I am a rule-follower. Personally, I see no reason why marijuana should be any more restricted than alcohol. Study after study (and the anecdotal evidence of observing stoners I know vs. Drinkers I know) shows that alcohol has a more detrimental effect on the body, and that alcohol is more likely to lead to violence. Potheads are generally mellow people, although they do have questionable taste in music, given their penchant for jam-bands. How often do you hear about someone getting blunted and beating his wife? We all know someone who’s smoked too much, but those people aren’t threats, they just think every single thing is funny.

Would a stoner enjoy Leaves of Grass? Probably. It’s the thinking man’s pot film, along the same lines as The Big Lebowski. Would a straight-edge type enjoy it? Maybe, although it might make him question his convictions.


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