Regarding summer vacation and its possibilities

Yesterday was the last day of school for the year. Today, I woke up in a world where my only responsibilities are my children. This is the happiest day of the year for me. The possibilities seem endless. Summer brings time for writing and reading and trips to the park. Everything feels open and free.

Even so, there are things I’m certain that I won’t be doing over the next two months.

There’s exercise.
I’ve noticed a lot of people in my life are trying to work out or be healthy this summer. They’re walking, dieting, swimming, dancing, and/or crunching their way into fitness. Good for you guys.

Not me, though. I’m not interested in a chiseled physique. More specifically, I’m not interested in the mindless drudgery of exercise. Walking on a treadmill while watching ESPN has always irked me. You’re walking, but getting nowhere, changing nothing with your movement, accomplishing nothing except purposeless physical exertion. (I know–you’re going to tell me to go outside, right? In the unfamiliar environs of the greater world, a person with my eyes is going to trip over a lot of curbs/hydrants/children.). I could do sit-ups and push-ups and chin-ups? Yeah, well, shut up.

There’s sunbathing.
Talk about mindless! Laying out in the sun just to change my skin pigmentation, with the possible side-effect of skin cancer? No, thank you. I admit, it’s better than going to the tanning salon, but still…

There’s the beach.
Actually, I love the ocean. Few things are better than wading out until the water is shoulder-height and just letting the waves bob you up and down (or occasionally thrash you.)

But we’re poor, relatively speaking. Yes, too poor for a beach vacation during my eight weeks off is not that poor at all. I’m not living in a favela in Rio or even working as a McDonald’s fry-cook in Tuscaloosa. I’m not complaining, Just pointing out that we’re not packing up and driving to Wrightsville Beach any time soon. Maybe in a few years we’ll be able to get back there.

So what will I do today, right now? I’m going to get my poor, pasty, pudgy self off the couch and play with my son, who’s been throwing foam building blocks at my face as I’ve been writing. The summer is starting well.


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2 Responses to Regarding summer vacation and its possibilities

  1. Chasing a toddler totally counts as exersize!

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