My wife’s inspired vision

“I like the idea of sister wives,” Kristy noted as she watched, um, Sister Wives. “I’d have all of these friends to help with the chores and the kids. It sounds nice…”

Wait, what? Then I realized:

A person with my eyesight requires constant assistance, whether out in the streets or even around the house. One of Kristy’s biggest responsibilities is helping me get around–taking me to work, to the doctors, to the store. She could use some help. A sister wife could aid her in this regard. Not to mention the other things that another spouse could do to help:

• weed the garden
• scoop cat litter
• wake up with the kids
• watch The Bachelorette with her
• scrub toilets
• cook dinner

What a benefit to my wife! Polygamy would be the greatest gift I could give her at this point, at great emotional cost to me. Two (or more) women in my house would be stressful, to say the least. But I would sacrifice for the good of the family, if that’s what my wife wanted.

And then she finished the sentence:

“…except for the man. I wouldn’t want to share my husband.”



Yay, monogamy!


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