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Prison jumpsuits look good, right?

I’ve been thinking a lot about prison lately. Maybe I want to go there thinking about it. As Dead Prez once noted, “Locked up, you get three hot meals and one cot.” That sounds okay by me. I’m tired of … Continue reading

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Not watching

“Are you watching the convention?,” my Republican father-in-law asked me yesterday. “No,” I replied. “My heart’s just not in politics anymore.” Ever since that son of a bitch Romney chose Paul Ryan over me, I haven’t been following the race. … Continue reading

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Fading pictures

There are two places where people should be reverent and respectful at all times–church and the movie theater. No wailing children, ringing cell phones, text messages, or side conversations are permissible. These two areas in life–while obviously distinct in intent–are … Continue reading

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Looks like crap…

The other day, Robin over at dirtyrottenparenting had a great post about bath-time defecation. I read with great pleasure, thinking that Mia had only done this once, years ago, and that Ian had never soiled the tub waters. I’m so … Continue reading

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Books for The Blind, Part Two (Damn You, Nanny-State Government!)

Some of you might be wondering why the blog’s been quiet… You can blame liberal Big Government for sending me books. I’ve spent five hours today sitting by this player, listening to Bob Dylan in America by Sean Wilentz. No … Continue reading

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Did you see the size of that head?

Ricky Gervais likes to say that his friend Karl Pilkington has “a head like a fucking orange,” abnormally large and round. It doesn’t look that big in pictures or on the TV show An Idiot Abroad, but it’s hard to … Continue reading

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Looks sweet, but…

I remember the Good Old Days–those times when I thought my young son was a well-behaved, gentle child. They weren’t that long ago, only eight weeks in the past. In that time, he’s gone from obedient Child of God to … Continue reading

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