Did you see the size of that head?

Ricky Gervais likes to say that his friend Karl Pilkington has “a head like a fucking orange,” abnormally large and round.


It doesn’t look that big in pictures or on the TV show An Idiot Abroad, but it’s hard to comment without seeing him in person. Maybe in comparison to his small frame, it really is big. Who knows?

My son, on the other hand? His head is certifiably large and round. I wouldn’t compare it to an orange, though. That’s too small. More like a volleyball, which Is an impressive size at 18 months.


This enormous noggin–while in the 90th percentile, not indicative of any medical issue–caused some difficulty in childbirth, as you might imagine. It also made him top-heavy, impeding his ability to walk. The giant skull has been a problem, although not one new to the family. Kristy and her father are also both extraordinary in this regard, although the size is hidden by their hair. Don’t get me wrong–they’re all proportionate. No one looks like a pituitary case or anything…

Is this really a problem? The term pinhead is used to insult people. No one could ever insult Ian that way. No, he looks Sturdy and Tough. And if you’ve ever been the recipient of his head-butt, you know just how true that is.


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3 Responses to Did you see the size of that head?

  1. mixedupmeme says:

    How to respond to this post?

    It just made me think of the idioms we use with “head”. So I chose this one to respond.

    Don’t let his big head…….go to his head.

  2. Time to head this off at the pass.

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