Uncovering the Big Lie

“Is Santa Claus real, Daddy?”

Oh, shit. Mia and I were alone in the kitchen. Kristy was out at the store and Ian was already down for a nap. Just me and a four year-old and the Big Lie. I have never liked this part of parenting. The truth is hard but necessary.

“No, Mia. He isn’t.”

“He’s just pretend?”

“That’s right.”

“Like the Tooth Fairy?”

“Just like that. Remember how I said that the Tooth Fairy is really Mommy and Daddy giving you a quarter when you lose a tooth? That we come into your room while you sleep and try not to wake you up?”


“Santa is really Mommy and me, too.”

“You bring presents?”

“Yes. We do. Not Santa.”


“Because there is no Santa. He’s not real.”

“But I saw him, at the mall.”

“That’s a man pretending to be Santa. He’s just in a costume.”

“Like Halloween?”

“Yes, like that. You dressed up as Dorothy, but you aren’t really Dorothy, are you?”

“No, I’m Mia.”

“Isn’t it nice that your mother and I buy you presents?”

“Oh, yes. I love presents!”

“I know.”

“Will there ever be a real Santa?”

“No. There will only be Mommy and Daddy.”

“That’s okay. I love Mommy and Daddy!”

“And we love you.”


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2 Responses to Uncovering the Big Lie

  1. Bob says:

    I would think this is easier, though, than those stories you read her about the Holocaust.

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