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Does reality dull the eye?

Does a child need to believe in magic to have true creativity? A friend chastised me for not keeping the Santa myth alive, because “kids need to have some imagination.” They do, I agree, but is this what causes imagination … Continue reading

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Looks fishy

hi. heather said to me that that web site keepipad3[.] com is giving away an ipad 3 to folks which are usually on face book for free…all these people ask is your own thoughts and opinions about it and u … Continue reading

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Glimpses of sentiment

My daughter refused to go to daycare today. She was on the floor, crying, unwilling to get dressed. This is not a normal occurrence. She just really wanted to stay home today… …because I was staying home. I’ve been sick … Continue reading

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Observations on a Fake War

It’s that time of year again! Sleigh bells ring. Stockings are hung. Bearded guys can say Ho Ho Ho without getting slapped by passing women… It’s time for the annual Chicken Little panic about the War on Christmas. I was … Continue reading

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Sighted in

Today is the first day of buck hunting season in Pennsylvania. Thousands of people woke up before dawn, dressed in neon orange and stumbled out into the woods in hopes of gunning down one of the most elegant (and least … Continue reading

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Eye for an eye

There have been a few recent robberies where my parents live, a small rural community in southwestern Pennsylvania. This is understandably distressing to the locals. “It’s got to be drugs,” said one man. “All these crimes around here are drug-related.” … Continue reading

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I’d rather stab myself in the eye.

As I write this, it’s 9 PM on Thanksgiving. I’m toasty and warm, watching football. Some of you are sitting on cold cement outside a retail chain, freezing your balls off because there’s a discount on a washing machine if … Continue reading

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