See you in church on Sunday

So, I’ve been to church on a fairly regular basis lately…

[I’ll allow you a minute here to clean up that coffee you just spit all over your computer screen.]

Relax, friends. I’m still every bit as atheist as I was before I dropped my phone two months ago. I haven’t come to Jesus or seen the light or been washed in the blood of the Lamb (or any other animal, for that matter). Nope–I’ve simply gone Unitarian.

To be fair to the Unitarian-Universalist church community, many of the folks in attendance there DO believe in a Supreme Being. The great thing about UU people, though, is that there’s no pressure for me to agree with them. It’s a faith that acknowledges the mysteries of the cosmos and leaves it up to the individual to sort things out (or not). Their slogan posits them as the Church of the Open Mind.

How open is my mind on matters of spirituality? Not very. I remain convinced that the likelihood of a god is very slim and that if one does exist, he does not intervene in the world he created.

We decided to try the church after my wife saw a large banner reading Civil Marriage Is a Civil Right hanging from the building. (Kristy is a seeker, and she’s looking for something other than homophobia.). I had forgotten the joy of sitting with a group of like-minded people, listening to a lecture. It felt like college, but without the term papers.

The fair-trade chocolate on sale in the lobby is delicious. The kids like making crafts in the preschool area. There’s no prayer. Best of all, the people are a gentle, good-hearted sort whose children come to the church Halloween party dressed as binders full of women.

Will it stick? Who knows? I like being free to go and do whatever I want on a Sunday. But that chocolate was fantastic…


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3 Responses to See you in church on Sunday

  1. Julie Ayers says:

    We were so delighted to fall in with a gently raving pack of UUs about 10 years ago. What a bunch of loving, supportive, kind, thoughtful, justice-minded, creative, smart people. And then, there is the guilt free chocolate — icing.

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