Glimpses of sentiment

My daughter refused to go to daycare today. She was on the floor, crying, unwilling to get dressed. This is not a normal occurrence. She just really wanted to stay home today…

…because I was staying home.

I’ve been sick for two days now. Yesterday was dying-would-be-a-relief sick, where I couldn’t stand up for more than two minutes without finding myself hunched over a porcelain bowl, depositing the few crumbs I’d managed to eat in the preceding hours. Today is much better, although I still didn’t go to work.

Mia wanted to be with me, and she’s been wonderful. We cuddled on the chaise and she wound her tiny fingers through mine as we watched Tangled together. “I love you, daddy,” she whispered.

That makes me feel much better.


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2 Responses to Glimpses of sentiment

  1. That’s good medicine.

  2. mixedupmeme says:

    I have experienced all of your story many times….the sicky part and the lovey part. But one part I hadn’t experienced. It was the Tangled part. Had no idea. Thanks for the new experience. 🙂

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