Looks fishy

hi. heather said to me that that web site keepipad3[.] com is giving away an ipad 3 to folks which are usually on face book for free…all these people ask is your own thoughts and opinions about it and u can keep it permanently. however u must hurry up just before they close it

Do you mean to tell me that it’s 2012 and people my age are still falling for this shit? I mean, if you were 85 and suffering dementia or 11 and in the slow class, maybe I’d understand why you don’t know better. But you’re 30 and a seemingly reasonable adult? Come on, now…

Oh wait, maybe it’s true… What if people really are getting free iPads for no real reason? What if that website doesn’t give my computer Ebola? Won’t I feel stupid for passing up this chance?

Yes. Perhaps as stupid as I felt back in 1995 when I forwarded along one of those “If you send this to 17 people in the next 2 minutes, you’ll have the best luck ever…” chain emails.

Or maybe almost as dumb as the time I wrote back to the guy from Nigeria who wanted to share a few million dollars with me if only I’d give him my bank account number…

Missing this golden opportunity could be as disastrous as not clicking on those YouPorn ads that offer to grow my cock three inches in one week. (It’s been all disappointment since I lost that chance!)

My point is, don’t people know by now that two-thirds of the Internet is bogus? Hell, even downright dangerous? (Just how does your penis grow that fast without somehow being permanently damaged? I’d better ask my Nigerian banker friend…) Don’t send me this stuff. Use your Bullshit Detectors.

(Although, if you put your Social Security numbers in the comments section below, I can get you a free credit check, no strings attached…)


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4 Responses to Looks fishy

  1. What? Free iPads? Where do I click? I don’t have a Social Security # but I could send my bank account details…

    There must be a lot of gullible people out there, otherwise why would these dudes from Nigeria keep sending emails.

  2. Bob says:

    Would you send me an iPad if I give you my penis size?

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