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Looking backward, inward

She is so sweet and quiet that people often wonder What’s she doing with him? because they don’t see the spark of amusement in her eye when he says something outrageous. In fact she’s the perfect foil for him– Batman … Continue reading

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“He watches over you…”

[Note: Following is a story I’ve written for my children this Christmas.] Dark Tidings ​Jingle was excited to be a certified Elf on the Shelf. It had taken years of training, endless physical and psychological exams, and an unquenchable love … Continue reading

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Staring at each other, fake-smiling.

Yes, your child is pretty awesome. He never forgets his homework disrupts my class gives the wrong answer disappoints me. I can always count on him to raise his hand show his work support his opinion with details follow the … Continue reading

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I ain’t seen the sunshine since…I don’t know when.

Choo-choo! That brief bit of onomatopoeia has taken over our home in the last week. I can remember a time when trains weren’t the center of our universe–it was only a few days ago–but it feels like a lifetime has … Continue reading

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Behold! A miracle!

“Did you bring money?,” I asked Kristy as we sat down near the front of the church. “We’ll need something for the offering and I forgot to write a check.” “I don’t think so,” she replied. “Do you have anything?” … Continue reading

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Beginning to look a lot like…shit?

The Christmas tree is now erect but mostly dark, having spent too much time boxed up out of sight. Its feelings were hurt. It has given up on life and now lives the miserable existence of a depressed shut-in not … Continue reading

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Watch the children?

You think it’s hard being a parent? Try doing it while legally blind. First of all, it’s hard to keep track of toddlers under the best of conditions. They’re fast, devious, and somehow programmed to find the least suitable thing … Continue reading

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