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A Few Words of Advice to the Readers of this Blog

If you’re here for the literal truth then you’ve gotten lost. I’m more into The Emotional Truth, honestly. (Wait. Are you supposed to believe that?) Yes, it’s true that I’m an ordained minister, but this is not the Gospel Truth. … Continue reading

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Witness to power

A boy sat on a rock, staring at the nearby train tracks. He checked his watch, more out of habit than necessity. He’d been sitting here all day, watching the locomotive pass by at an interval so regular he could … Continue reading

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Wocka, wocka, motherf**ker!

The Muppets in my dreams are not the G-rated friends you might remember from your youth. No–they’re into cannibalism and bizarre sex acts. Some real Tinto Brass/Pier Paolo Pasolini shit. I could be more graphic, but your mind can make … Continue reading

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Man Up

Stop crying, son. Sure, you have pneumonia and an ear infection and you’re hungry and you didn’t sleep well and your hair is post-bath wet and you’re tired of Sesame Street and your Mommy’s not here and I couldn’t find … Continue reading

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A Play: “The Trouble with Sirens”

[Editor’s Note: Following is another short play of mine which received a reading at the Baltimore Playwrights Festival.] The Trouble with Sirens Setting: The present, in the living room of a middle-class home. AT RISE: (A suburban living room. RICHARD … Continue reading

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Oddly enough, the last month or so has, for me, involved a great deal of meditation on slavery. It’s probably Quentin Tarantino’s fault, although Steven Spielberg added to it. And getting a DVD set of Roots for Christmas just turned … Continue reading

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Zero Dark Thirty is a very good movie, make no mistake. The technical skill involved has not been questioned by any of the film’s detractors, because even people with very little understanding of cinematic technique can tell that this is … Continue reading

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