Rock Bottom

I need some food.
I’m not talking cereal
or ice cream
or Double-Stuf Oreos.
I need
and potatoes
and maybe a dinner roll.
I’m goddam hungry!
But small towns still operate
much as they did sixty years ago,
and nothing’s open.
You would think my parents
(who own one of those closed restaurants)
might have something in their fridge
besides milk,
but you would be wrong.
They always eat out.
Their stove might not even turn on
for all they know.

Found something.
The number one ingredient is
Meat By-product
which will have to do
in an emergency.
I just saw this in a movie, actually.
If I boil this Purina One
it makes a kind of hot meat-mush
and it will give me that protein
my body is craving.
Desperate times call, etc.


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Bringing you stark existentialism since 1981.
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