You’re right

If Anne Frank had a gun
she would never have died
in that concentration camp.

And if Martin Luther King packed heat
James Earl Ray wouldn’t have
wasted him on that balcony.

Had Gandhi carried a revolver
no Hindu extremist would have
popped a cap in him.

If only Kunta Kinte had a Desert Eagle
those drunken taubob slavers
would never have taken him alive.

You’re right.

But they would still have died
and a lot sooner
because the Nazis
and the Klan
and the British
and the slave-catchers
would have loved any excuse
to murder that horrible
and call it justified.
A gun is an implied threat.
And the powerful always
eliminate threats.
They would have thought less about it
then about shooting a rabid dog.

But please
you fucking genius
keep telling me
that all of history’s problems
come from good people
not having guns.

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Bringing you stark existentialism since 1981.
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4 Responses to You’re right

  1. Superb, beautifully argued, right to the heart of the issue and taking no prisoners…applause!!! 🙂

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