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Plans for the break?

There’s no place like Home Depot (Unless you count Lowe’s) To find the perfect lighting fixture (Which you won’t know how to install) Or get the best hanging plant (That you’ll forget to water) Maybe pick out some paint for … Continue reading

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True Story: The Battle of Chalk Hill

Daniel Raymond lived in Chalk Hill, a small village in southwestern Pennsylvania. He was in his early forties in February of 1960 when he took his rifle down from its resting place and told his wife, “I’m going to use … Continue reading

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The Moral of the Story

Cinderella’s stepsisters wanted Happily Ever After and they ended up with no princes, nothing except for dismemberment and pecked-out eyes. Life’s not fair. How were they to know that Ella had a fairy godmother and such small feet and could … Continue reading

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The girl named him Care Bear almost as soon as she opened the large box he’d been shipped in. (He wasn’t one of the trademarked cartoon merchandising tie-ins, but she was young and impressionable and not one to agonize over … Continue reading

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Escaping Regret

The cat was always looking for an escape from the daily grind of eating kibbles and drinking from the toilet before laying in the sun coming in through the curtains. He wanted to feel the cool March evening shiver down … Continue reading

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A poem inspired by sitting with a class of teenagers

Mix equal parts lust and innocence agitated by impulse occasionally salty rebellion poured on like gravy sprinkled with idealism garnish with apathy half-baked unready to serve Requires extended prep time (often ignored) You will want to shake, beat, or whip … Continue reading

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A Short Play: “Unfinished Business”

Following is a short play, the final one of mine selected for a public reading by the Baltimore Playwrights Festival… Unfinished Business Characters: LEE–a man in his fifties SHARON–a woman in her fifties AT RISE: (We open on a spartan … Continue reading

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