On the 19th Anniversary Of a Suicide (Day Five)

(More NaPoWriMo, again disregarding the prompt.)

On the 19th Anniversary of a Suicide

Kurt Cobain was supposed to be
the voice of my generation but
I was at the tail end of the Gen-Xers
so maybe I was a bit too young
because good as he was
he doesn’t sum up my feelings
then or now.

If anything
I want the sun shining and
the windows down and
the volume cranked and
the warm wind blowing as
The Strokes sing “Someday” or
Kanye brags about his “Good Life” or
Snoop Dogg sips “Gin and Juice” or
my son chants “Ho Hey”
with The Lumineers or
I dig Skrillex’s Spring Breakers stuff or
Modest Mouse does “Float On”
maybe the best sunny-day driving song

Don’t misunderstand–
I love grunge and I’ve
seen Pearl Jam in concert twice and yeah
we all need some sad music sometimes
to flush out the system.

Kurt was great in his way.

That’s just not me
now that I’m 32
with a couple of kids
and taking 50mg of Zoloft every day.

If I had to pick a theme song
it’d be Ice Cube’s remix of
“It Was a Good Day” because
even if I’m not from South Central and
the Girl-I-Wanna-Dig-Out is my wife and
we’re in a minivan not a drop-top and
they don’t have a Goodyear Blimp now
my life doesn’t have to be dark
all day every day 24/7/365
and I’m a middle class guy with
a good job and shit’s going well and
you know what?

I’m happy.



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3 Responses to On the 19th Anniversary Of a Suicide (Day Five)

  1. Judi Grewell says:

    Whew! You said a good thing.

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