Open Letter (Day 12)

(Today’s National Poetry Writing Month prompt was to write a poem of things you wouldn’t say out loud to someone. The last stanza fits that.)

Open Letter

You used to be my best friend,
the closest thing I had to a brother
but I moved away and
your mind seems to have left with me.

Everything is conspiracy now
and you’re stockpiling food because
the government will collapse soon
because Alex Jones said so and
the Illuminati planned 9/11 and Newtown
so they could take away your freedoms
your guns
your civil liberties
probably your children.

Their goal is your total subservience
to the New World Order which
is led by the Antichrist who is either
Obama or Prince William or
maybe the new pope
who can be sure
what with the mainstream media lies
which are all propaganda from
our socialist Kenyan Big Brother, am I right?

And that’s not even touching on
how Jesus is coming back soon
because it’s all been foretold by
John from Patmos who clearly
didn’t mean Nero when he wrote
his Apocalypse down during that
notoriously violent and deranged
anti-Christian emperor’s lifetime
because only an idiot would think
the Bible contains metaphor or that
evolution makes any kind of sense.

We should probably all home school
our kids because the public schools
are where the children will be exposed
to sin and to people who don’t love a
capitalist gun-toting Jesus who totally
would be in the NRA and
drink Budweiser in a pick-up truck
while listening to Rush Limbaugh
and saying You tell ‘em, Rush! When
the host calls any woman
on birth control a slut.

Jesus would have loved Ayn Rand
because he understood how the poor
are a bunch of takers draining
the wealth of all those hardworking
hedge-fund managers even though
a large number of them are Jewish
and probably going to Hell for
being God’s Chosen People not
the People Who Chose God.

So, no, I don’t always call
when I come to town
like I used to
because I know that
the guy I loved is now
so deep in his own bullshit
that it makes me sad to think about it.



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