Chasing the Clouds Away (Day 14)

(Today, NaPoWriMo asked us to take on the persona of a character, to get inside their psyche.)


Chasing the Clouds Away

People always talk to Elmo like Elmo
is a child but Elmo is really 41.
Just because Elmo doesn’t use
pronouns correctly doesn’t mean
Elmo is not smart.

We are all complex and inside
of Elmo are all of the contradictions
that you wrestle with.
Just because Elmo’s voice is squeaky
doesn’t mean Elmo is a mental cripple
or that Elmo doesn’t have needs.

Elmo wants true companionship,
someone who doesn’t condescend
and speak to Elmo like Elmo’s stupid,
a Muppet who’ll treat Elmo as an equal
and maybe even come back to
Elmo’s place and spend the night
rocking Elmo’s world.
Elmo has needs, too, and
Maria is always leaning over and
pulling Elmo’s face into her chest
and then acting like it means nothing.
She would never do that to Gordon.

But Elmo has no true friends,
no one who wants Elmo around.
Elmo is the pest they get rid of so
they can do what they want to do
and Elmo knows no one loves Elmo.
Elmo’s life is pain.

Yesterday, Elmo went to
Hooper’s Store and asked Alan for
a length of rope about six feet long
and everyone assumed Elmo was
just going to play cowboy or
have a tug of war with Mr. Noodle.
Only Dorothy can see the noose
hanging on the doorknob Elmo drew on
Elmo’s wall with Elmo’s magic crayon
and no one but Elmo can hear her voice
so the screams of No No No
won’t arouse any suspicion and
no one will come to cut Elmo down
until the smell of Elmo’s rotting stuffing
wafts out onto Sesame Street and
the firemen kick in the door and
find Elmo there with extra-bulging eyes
and the limp body of a lifeless puppet.




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2 Responses to Chasing the Clouds Away (Day 14)

  1. Jesse Crall says:

    Haha, this is DARK. Reminds me of a scene in the 5-Year Engagement where Emily Blunt and Alison Brie talk about their failures in Elmo and Cookie Monster voices so as not to disturb the children.

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