Bedtime Story (Day 18)

(This NaPoWriMo thing is fun. Join me next year!)

Bedtime Story

Sudden impact provoked
a deluge of red from
her tiny nose as
he stood in stunned silence
watching his sister scream and
bleed all over her nightgown.

It was just a hug
gone comically wrong
her running to him as
he leaned in for a kiss
their over-enthusiasm
resulting in carnage.

Mommy’s cupped hands
trying to catch the mess before
it stained the carpet as
she guided the blood-spattered girl
to the bathroom where
the tile floor could be easily cleaned.

He didn’t cry or say anything.

It hadn’t hurt him so
he picked up a train
and began to play by
himself until he saw
the single crimson bead
on the tank engine’s face
and he stopped everything and


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