Prisoner of Love (Day 24)

(This entry for National Poetry Writing Month is based on a true story, which is both appalling and totally Baltimore at the same time.)

Prisoner of Love

In any circumstance
having your child’s father in prison
makes your life harder to manage
but If you also happen to be
one of the guards at the prison
who wasn’t pregnant when he arrived
and you’re helping him smuggle in pills
among other contraband
so that he can run his
prison gang more efficiently
you’re performing a trick
with a high degree of difficulty.

Then you find out that the bastard
fucked a dozen other guards and
three of them are baby-mamas like you
which makes you want to
get that Tavon neck tattoo removed
but you can’t piss him off because you’ve
been smuggling weed inside your shoe
so he could rat you out
as he’s already doing time and
you’re the one with something to lose
and you can’t cut the bitch who has
his name tatted on her wrist since
she probably knows about you
the way you know about her
so you’re stuck being a drug mule and
wondering where all the good men are
or at least why you didn’t use a condom
when you slept with a convict
under your supervision although
he did give you that luxury car
which surely didn’t tip off anyone
because what corrections officers
don’t drive a Lexus on chrome rims?

(Shit, two other guards right here in this prison are driving the same kind of car, so…)

Now the Feds are cracking down
and you’re losing your job
and probably Tavon Jr.
plus you’ll be on the other side of
bars outlining your territory
like a cold steel picket fence
sharing a bunk with a convict
to whom you aren’t attracted but
at least you’ll have no mirror so
that tattoo won’t be in your face constantly
reminding you that while any relationship
can feel like a life sentence
some literally are.


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