Cravings (Day 26)

(A friend’s story inspired this NaPoWriMo piece.)


A pregnant woman has a craving
for pickles dipped in peanut butter
and she asks her husband to go out
to the grocery store to pick up
some kosher dill spears.

He says no because
it’s almost midnight and
torrential rain is falling and
he has to get up in six hours and
the nearest 24-hour grocery store
is a good twenty minutes away
so can’t she just eat some pb&j
and call the whole thing
good enough?

Hormones overtake her and
tears are falling like the rain outside
as she cradles her baby bump and
rolls over to face away from him.

He believes this is an act so
he finishes reading his magazine and
gets up to gargle Listerine
and go to the bathroom one more time
before he turns the lights out and
drifts off to sleep as she
simmers next to him.

how much later he can’t be sure
he is awakened by
a sudden wetness on his chest
the smell of vinegar
and the sensation of soft objects
falling all around his upper body.

She stands over him
outlined by moonlight
a dripping raincoat over her pajamas
holding an empty and upturned jar
like a hammer about to come down
on a nail that somehow refused to
respond to anything less than brutality.


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Bringing you stark existentialism since 1981.
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