On Vacation

I’m planning on writing a novel next month. This may have little to no impact on the world, even for those of you who know me, but it will definitely change the trajectory of this blog, making it less likely that new content will find its way to you. Again, this means very little.

When I was a kid in high school, my grandfather wrote a novel–a 900 page behemoth about an old man who marries a beautiful biker queen and travels the country spreading the Good News of Christianity to everyone they meet in between scenes of softcore sex. I remain impressed that he was able to put his vision down on yellow legal pads after work, filling a few suitcases with his prose.

His work was eventually self-published and remains available on Amazon from marketplace sellers. (Buy a copy! But try the $.01 used option, not the $56 new one…)

I have no illusions about becoming the next E.L. James, both because of the rarity of such success and the superiority of my prose. (This is less a brag than it seems.) My goal is the NaNoWriMo standard of a 50,000 word rough draft by the end of June. Just a rough draft, hopefully able to be polished into something someone (you?) would pay to read.

So enjoy June. I might. It’s hard to tell at this point. I might check back in with a poem or two, but that’s doubtful.



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4 Responses to On Vacation

  1. Judi Grewell says:

    You and your words will be missed! Have a productive “vacation”.

  2. Jesse Crall says:

    Great to hear! I’ll miss your poetry in the meantime but it’s terrific that you’re taking the plunge. I got 60,000 deep on something before realizing it was a mess but in the process, I can give 2 pieces of advice:

    1. Write consistently (which you already know) and…
    2. Have confidence in your story. You can mess with characters and style but at least know what you’re trying to say. I started to waffle on a crucial plot point and it broke me.

    You have the talent with language and insight so all you need are time and self-assurance.

    • semiblind says:

      Thanks for the encouragement and advice. I think my big goal here is just to DO IT, to know that I have it in me.

      I have no idea what my story is yet. I have a few characters and I’m just going to turn them loose and see what happens. The goal is 50,000 words, which may or may not wrap it up. I doubt what I have will be a beautiful, airtight piece, but I am hopeful that it will contain enough quality to merit a rewrite. We’ll see.

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