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Cigarette Burns: The Long Goodbye


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Her balloon, still afloat

The shiny balloon that bounced off the ceiling at her birthday party is still floating a month later but not so high. It hovers four feet above the floor silver Mylar no longer taut half-empty and desiccated and all but … Continue reading

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Betting on Another Day: A Sermon

The following is the script for my first-ever sermon, preceded by two readings. Watch the sermon. FIRST READING​ Otherwise ~by Jane Kenyon I got out of bed on two strong legs. It might have been otherwise. I ate cereal, sweet … Continue reading

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Cigarette Burns: Romance & Cigarettes

“Marriage is combat,” Nick Murder tells a young police officer early on in Romance & Cigarettes. This is not the sort of combat from a John Wayne movie, either, with stoic heroes and the flag rising over Iwo Jima. No, … Continue reading

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Finally, the day after Thanksgiving

you will watch the Macy’s Parade and stare at the ridiculous balloons before you sit down for the Banquet-brand microwaveable meal of turkey and dressing alone and then watch football until you pass out in your recliner before nine o’clock … Continue reading

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Cigarette Burns: Another Year

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Chapter from an unfinished novel

A while back, I decided to write a novel. Sadly, I crapped out about 10,000 words in. This was my first chapter, and I still like it. (The rest, not so much.) Who knows what will come of it? Feedback … Continue reading

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