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Cigarette Burns: The Savages


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For Kristy

The first time I saw you was not the first time we met or the first time we spoke to each other but one night at the theater when we jokingly talked about marriage and you laughed like a woman … Continue reading

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On the Anti-Affleck Backlash

Why the fuck does anyone care about Ben Affleck playing a superhero? A big-name star took a role in a blockbuster franchise? And the star can’t act that well and the movie is probably gonna suck donkey balls? Holy leotard-shitting … Continue reading

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Cigarette Burns: Carnal Knowledge

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Still Crazy After All These Years?: Charles Manson and Me

A Current Affair was a tabloid news show hosted by Maury Povich. It aired in the Pittsburgh area at 7 PM, just after dinner, after I’d done my homework. It was 1988. I was seven years old and fully unaware … Continue reading

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Cigarette Burns: A.I. Artificial Intelligence

A.I. Artificial Intelligence is many things–a retelling of Pinocchio, a meditation on what makes us human, a story of childhood innocence struggling to survive the cruelty of the adult world–but above all else it is a story about love. All … Continue reading

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Code Words

Radical socialist pagan elites are conspiring in ivory towers to impose their fascist feminist agenda on the good middle-class Christians in the American Heartland who just want to work hard and pray and support the troops but those tyrannical bureaucrats … Continue reading

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