Code Words

Radical socialist pagan elites
are conspiring in ivory towers to
impose their fascist feminist agenda

on the good middle-class Christians in
the American Heartland who just want to
work hard
and pray
and support the troops

but those tyrannical bureaucrats
and their Wall Street henchmen
and the limousine liberals in Hollywood
are helping secret Kenyan Muslim
Barack Hussein Obama
implement sharia law and steal

the Liberty our Founding Fathers
all died for under a banner reading
Don’t tread on me! with
the guns that made America free
warm in their cold dead hands

so we must rise up against Big Brother
and reclaim the Constitution for all citizens
who have proper voter ID and
who don’t let the homosexual agenda
or the New Black Panthers
or abortionists
or unions
or Satan
write their platforms for them!

God bless America!


About semiblind

Bringing you stark existentialism since 1981.
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