You’ve Been to Bohemian Grove…

Rich and powerful men gather
in Bohemian Grove to hold
mildly pagan faux-rituals and
pee on thousand year old redwoods
while they network with one
another for a few weeks in July
every year. Every Republican
President since 1923 has gone
(and some Democrats have, too).

Conspiracy nuts see this as proof
that a powerful Satanic cabal runs our
country, planning to rob the rest
of us blind when they’re not
planning the next pan-sexual
orgy. More likely, it’s just a bunch of
over-privileged men re-living the
douche-baggery of their college
years at Harvard and Yale.

Even the most powerful among us
are, deep down, immature jackasses
who need the release of bad behavior
to keep it all together. It’s why
Bill Clinton got head from an intern
and why Anthony Wiener emails
his erections and why you do the
secret, horrible things you do when
it’s just between you and the redwoods.

Read More about the Bohemian Club


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