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The young woman approached her mother-in-law and said “Your son frightens me. Yesterday when we were arguing he wrapped his hands around my throat and choked me until I started losing vision. I need to get out.” The older woman … Continue reading

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Just Breathe

Every breath, I like to remind my students, is one breath closer to death. This invariably leads at least one kid to hold in the air in hopes of adding a few seconds on to his lifespan. It doesn’t work … Continue reading

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The Dark Night

The boy clutched his three dollar plastic Batman desperately, the Dark Knight a totem against the shadows cast on the wall by the tree branches outside his window. The full moon hung in the night sky like a Bat Signal, … Continue reading

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Full Circle

Hospital rooms smell like cheap industrial disinfectant and the walls are a bland off-white color made especially unappealing in the buzzing fluorescent light that leaves even your most beloved visitors blotchy. Is this really where you want to die, here … Continue reading

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Where I Draw the Line

I can understand why people believe in God. I can’t agree with them, but I understand. The universe is vast beyond human comprehension, there appears to be some order to its existence, and these things signify (to some) that Something … Continue reading

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Cigarette Burns: Catch Me If You Can

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First Time

The zipper on her jeans scratched his hand as he reached hungrily inside, sliding his palm across silk. She sighed slightly into his mouth at this new touch, her tongue flicking his as her hips pushed forward. She pulled away … Continue reading

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