Where Babies Come From (An Answer for Mia)

When a man and woman really
love alcohol so much they think
they kind of like each other enough
to kiss and hug and sleep next to
each other while they sober up
they get under the covers and get
very close to each other and roll
around with no clothes on until
they’re both happy or the man falls
asleep and all this tussling leads to a
tiny little baby in her belly that she
won’t know about for another
six weeks of drinking like a fish and
then he will talk a lot about doing
The Right Thing and Being a Real Father
until the child is born and he realizes
how much that cuts into his spare cash
and then she’ll have to take him to court
to get diaper money which she can
use to buy cigarettes and more liquor so
she can get this kid of hers a baby sister.


About semiblind

Bringing you stark existentialism since 1981.
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