Why I Should Still Get Mail on Columbus Day

A student asked me why we don’t
get Columbus Day off from school
and I told him that we also don’t take
holidays to celebrate the birth of Idi Amin
or Joseph Stalin’s ascension to power

but I don’t think he understood because
he’s eleven and he’s never read Animal Farm
or seen The Last King of Scotland and
worse still he’s probably been fed some
happy horseshit about Columbus the Hero

by people who never bothered to think
outside of the European box about how
the Santa Maria dropping anchor in the
Bahamas essentially fucked over a
few million people who had until then

avoided dying of smallpox and being
mutilated because they didn’t have
enough gold to offer some asshole they’d
just met who acted literally and figuratively
like he owned the place from the minute

he got a boot on dry land and started
muttering gibberish about an unknown
King and Queen needing pepper and silk
and where the hell is Cathay? even as
he began robbing and/or enslaving

any “Indian” he could find and his men
raped the women because they’d been
At Sea and that made them lonely and
removed any obligation to human decency
they otherwise might have followed

and over the next fifty years three million
indigenous people died off and the rest
had their cultures destroyed and were
forced at sword-point to change religions
and found themselves relegated to the

lowest social class and used up like
pack animals or maybe worse because
you wouldn’t think to molest your oxen
or starve your horses to save a few bucks
so yeah motherfuck Columbus Day.


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Bringing you stark existentialism since 1981.
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