Where I Draw the Line

I can understand why people believe in God. I can’t agree with them, but I understand. The universe is vast beyond human comprehension, there appears to be some order to its existence, and these things signify (to some) that Something created Everything. I get that.

And maybe what you call God, I call Nature. Maybe it’s just semantics? That’s cool. We can put aside our minor vocabulary issues and have a beer together. Kum-ba-ya and all that.

If, however, you believe that evil literally walks the Earth in the form of Satan, just move on along. You are either 1) batshit crazy or 2) downright stupid. Neither of these options appeal to me.

It seems rude to dismiss people out of hand, but these folks are easy to write off. They proclaim their lunacy openly, often through poorly constructed sentences full of misspellings, misunderstandings, and misreadings of history. These are the Adam Had A Pet Dinosaur people, the kind who hand you tracts you didn’t ask for and warn you that rock music leads to suicide. They see the Devil around every corner, waiting to claim the souls of the innocent by possessing them during yoga. How does one find common ground with someone who thinks a horned red man of cloven hoof is tempting them to look at porn on the internet? (Pics or it didn’t happen!)

We all have flaws, weaknesses, and dark secrets. These are proof of our humanity. When you start to attribute our shortcomings to a mythical Enemy, you rob us of the thing that perhaps more than any other trait defines us. Our decisions, for good or ill, are our own. Take some responsibility.


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3 Responses to Where I Draw the Line

  1. Rana says:

    I love this post. So much. Personally, I still take the road of, “Meh, if we thought it up and there’s no otherworldly thingie saying it doesn’t exist, I can’t really say that it doesn’t either.” But still, it is one of the most absurd of beliefs. Not only is it just an absurd image and idea, it’s absurd that these people try to also claim the all-powerful ‘God’ at the same time. If Satan is trying to make us miserable and take us away from ‘God’ why does ‘God’ not just kill Satan? God made him, right? How hard would that be? I never understood how people were okay with justifying Satan. But ah well, at least he’s a really entertaining character to write about. XD

  2. satan doesn’t walk the earth as a red horned animal he walks the earth as abusive narcissist men. Problem is sometimes religious people think they can be saved because they are human. I disagree. Narcissistic men do not deserve to be saved. To inflict that much pain and suffering on their victims without a care……..that’s a form of satan.

    • semiblind says:

      Supposedly, 4% of all people are sociopaths. That is a lot of narcissistic men. Whether that is a form of Satan is a matter of debate, but you are right that there is something really messed up about that.

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