The young woman approached
her mother-in-law and said
“Your son frightens me. Yesterday
when we were arguing
he wrapped his hands around
my throat and choked me until
I started losing vision. I need to
get out.”

The older woman laughed and
told the younger one that
no marriage is a bed of roses and
she shouldn’t be airing this dirty laundry
and should consider what she’d done to
deserve that choking and maybe
make sure to never do that stupid shit
again ever.

When her husband went to work
one frosty morning shortly thereafter
she packed her children into the car
with a few bulging suitcases and drove
as far as Buffalo before her money
ran out and he cut off the debit card and
she had to call him because she was
absolutely alone in the world.

He didn’t beat her the night
when he came to get her and
instead made love to her gently but
as soon as they made it back home
he took his belt to her for having the
gall to run from him and worse yet
take his fucking kids away from him
the selfish goddamned cunt.

After that his mother always found
excuses to drop by as if to help
but they both knew the truth
and passed the time in scalding silences
until the motor of his shiny black F-150
rumbled down the street and the bruises
on her torso ached in anticipation of
another long night.

In time her jailers grew careless
and she bolted again with the same
overstuffed luggage but without cash
or credit to take her out of his reach
she was forced to seek refuge with
neighbors she had barely spoken to
but who agreed to take her in after
she bared her scars to them.

The truck sometimes idles across the
street for long stretches and she
does not go outside any more but
the bruises are fading and she heard
her daughters laughing for the first time
in weeks yesterday and tonight no one
will call her bitch or pull her hair
as if that was just part of married life.

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Bringing you stark existentialism since 1981.
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