Greatest Hits

This is the 400th post to …said the blind man…, and it seems like a natural time to look back and highlight a few of my personal favorite posts from the almost two years I’ve been doing this. Depending on when you started reading this blog, you may or may not have read these before, but I found all of them worth another glance…

Remember When…?
My wife wants everyone to know that this is not autobiographical. Not strictly so, anyway. More like “Based on a True Story.”

A Baptism in LA
My most embarrassing moment, transformed into light comedy for your enjoyment.

Sheer Luck
This comes pretty close to summing up my attitudes toward religion and the supernatural.

The Infallible Pope, Right Again
This poem predicts my son’s Terrible Two phase, though that has fortunately not come to pass… Is Pope Francis responsible?

Sleep to Dream
Of all the sweet and sentimental things I’ve written about my kids, this one is the best. The last full paragraph especially is a keeper.

Life Itself
I wrote this the day before Roger Ebert passed away. God, I miss him.

Prisoner of Love
Stay classy, Baltimore. Probably the funniest news story of 2013. Just amazing.

Why we need to talk to our kids about 9/11
Sadness and tragedy are ever-present. Your child cannot be protected forever. What should you do about it?

Tears, Fears
A trip to the Holocaust Museum gains urgency when my wife receives a racist Facebook meme…

He Watches Over You
In which an Elf on the Shelf learns that there is a level of existence worse than Naughty…


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