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The Shack on the Lake

Ice Floe Joe only worked in the winter, when he could cut a hole in the thick ice of Lake Ayers and sit with his bitches inside the ice shack he’d inherited from his pappy, Fargo Freddie (who had, paradoxically, … Continue reading

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Asking for a friend

How long will a child scream before her lungs tire and she realizes that her tantrum will achieve nothing beyond terrorizing our cat with endless eardrum-shattering squeals? Will she learn from this failure in some way or is dogged persistence … Continue reading

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A Skeleton from the Closet

When i was in high school, I had a hernia, although I had no idea anything was wrong. It didn’t hurt, didn’t bother me, but it was definitely there, dropping down into my scrotum like a third testicle, only larger. … Continue reading

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