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Inside the Feeble Mind of a Reality TV Contestant

I’ve known you for three weeks but everything in my body and soul tells me that we are soul mates. I cannot imagine my life without you here by my side, taking me on dates where it’s just us and … Continue reading

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Dynamic Duo

Good morning, she says, and she introduces herself to the congregation with a smile. Seven feet away, her brother punches a bad guy in the face but can’t decide if he’s playing Batman or Spider-Man. The minister greets an invisible … Continue reading

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Something light

The blood and gore scare people away, I’m told, and poems where women are sexually tortured can be off-putting to those with souls. Do write something light, they say, as if my own internal gravitational pull was entirely up to … Continue reading

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bamboo shoots do not slide easily under the fingernails but require solid force to gain entry best if your subject is unconscious so as not to recoil too strongly from the sharp intrusion blood will make your hands slippery before … Continue reading

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The Expedition of the Nimrod

Dragging my trash can through the snow up a hill I lost a shoe I felt like Shackleton breathing heavily pulling hard on the bin my sock attracting ice clumps as I hopped frantically with my exposed foot digging into … Continue reading

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What he left out

(An addendum to this post) Her head on his shoulder and her shivering arm wrapped tightly around his on a wind-swept night in early February The bowl she made in pottery class that weighs too much but is perfectly shaped, … Continue reading

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To be printed when I die…

I’m 33 now–my Jesus Year, Julie Ayers informed me. This is, I assume, because The Nazarene never made it beyond his third-of-a-century age, finding himself instead nailed to a cheap piece of wood, wearing nothing but blood and thorns. Will … Continue reading

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