Monday, Second Period

against my better judgment
I did a line of blow before
work this morning which
the health teacher assured me
was no big deal because he and
the phys ed guys do it all the time
especially before observations
because they want to be on
for the kids and make it all
that much more engaging
and the day goes by faster
so I rolled up a hall pass (as
I don’t carry cash) and pushed
my left nostril closed with my
index finger and vacuumed up
some Peruvian White with a deep
sniff and waited for the rush to hit
but it never came and I’ve been
bored out of my mind for hours
just sitting and thinking about a
million fucking things like
how shady that health teacher
is to offer me what’s probably only
baking soda or flour and how that
fake-ass shit is making my goddamned
nose run like crazy which has to be
obvious to everyone because I keep
sniffing and sniffing and sniffing
so no I’ll never trust him again and
I kind of wonder if he’s full of it about
cholesterol and heart disease too and
the more I think about it the faster I
can feel my heart beat and the rage
is making my eyeballs bulge out of
my skull and the students are looking
at me kind of scared and it’s quiet
enough to hear a pin drop so at least
there’s that and when is this class over
I think I need another bump

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Bringing you stark existentialism since 1981.
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