The Last Essay Ms. R Read Before Hanging Herself

Hello reader. Rhetorical question: Did you know that Helen Keller was blind and deaf? I know this because we read The Miracle Worker and in it the play says she is blind and deaf which means she can’t see or hear. But then she meets Annie Sullivan who teaches her to read and write and talk but not to see and hear so how much of a miracle has she really done for Helen Keller?

Have you ever been blind? I haven’t. It would be so hard to not see flowers and rainbows and which shoe went on which foot. If Annie Sullivan could teach a girl with no eyes to put her shoes on maybe she actually does do miracles after all.

I like the Disney movie of The Miracle Worker better because it has color and music and I like that. Helen Keller could not see it or hear it but I can so why not have color and music because this movie is not made for her. I wonder if she even read the play so how can she have an opinion if she didn’t?

That was my essay on The Miracle Worker which in conclusion is about a girl who is blind and deaf and her friend teaches her to wear shoes. Goodbye reader.


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