Always End on a High Note

The temperature is rising and
so are the seas, which are also
absorbing megatons of carbon dioxide
which will probably kill most of the fish
and seriously fuck over the food chain
which reminds me of a lecture I heard
about how Earth’s population will
reach 12 billion by 2050 and then
fall back down to 9 billion by 2100
with all the starvation and genocide
and goddamn am I glad I’ll be dead
before that shit gets really crazy
and I also recall that during the
darkest days of the Black Death
a significant minority of people
thought if the End of the World
was upon them they might as well
go out with full stomachs, wet dicks,
and a magnificent hangover, and that
makes a lot of sense to me, so don’t
talk to me about carbon footprints
and renewable energy sources–
just take off your clothes and
roll me a joint so we can forget
if only until morning about
the onrush of extinction and
make the last few moments count.


About semiblind

Bringing you stark existentialism since 1981.
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