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This Is a Poem (Day 29)

I don’t wanna write some half-assed poem that you skim over and mutter to yourself So, that’s a poem, I guess before going back to your news feed and your boring Tuesday night. I want my poem to grab you … Continue reading

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Nightly Routine (Day 28)

Wherever there are people there are rats nearby fucking in trash bins scurrying out of the light dying from poison as we wash our hands and eat our dinners on tables wiped clean with antibacterial spray none of which removes … Continue reading

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Tea Party Uncle’s Lament

Obama stole my guns and gave them to the New Black Panther Party so they could intimidate white people and he encourages inner city thugs to play the Knockout Game while listening to Common or Beyoncé and filming it all … Continue reading

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From Hiroshima to Here (Day 27)

Thousands of people disappeared in the split-second of detonation becoming ash in the mushroom names in the black rain that ended a war. Sailors kissed girls in Times Square big bands swinging extra hard as the suburbs grew factories boomed … Continue reading

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Rejection Letter (Day 26)

Dear Sir: I hate to break it to you but your writing is shit and I mean that literally– it is waste produced by a mind which consumes a literary diet so limited that your creativity has flies on its … Continue reading

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In the Unspecified Future (Day 25)

When I grow up and become responsible getting out of bed every morning won’t feel like rusty pliers pulling off my fingernails and I won’t mind going to work because paying the bills and putting food on the table will … Continue reading

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In Deep (Day 24)

she watched him leave work every day saw him getting into the minivan with his wife memorized the license plate noted the direction they turned out of the lot wondered about his home until a friend of hers spotted him … Continue reading

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