The Talk (Day 4)

(More NaPoWriMo.)

I have something to tell you
about your kitty Mittens
do you remember
how we told you
never to let kitty out
under any circumstances?
yesterday you didn’t listen did you?
you took Mittens out
and he ran away
and we told you we’d find him
that he’d come home eventually
when he got cold or hungry?
well he’s home now
in more than one way
by which I mean he’s in heaven
one of the neighbors
brought him to the door
while you were asleep
and he had this trash bag
not that Mittens was trash
but he was all crushed
from a tire
and be glad you didn’t see it
no I’m sure it didn’t hurt
pressure that extreme
and at that speed
probably killed him so fast
he had no idea what happened
that’s why we told you
not to let him out
I hope you learned your lesson
anyway kitty heaven
is better than here
everyone knows that
just catnip everywhere
and no one’s neutered
that’s the surgery that
kept Mittens from being a daddy
we didn’t want kittens
I’m sure he wanted the operation
who wants kids?
I mean of course I did
I’m glad mommy and I have you
you’re a perfect angel
yes Mittens is an angel now too
with wings and everything
imagine winged cats!
I bet they hunt each other
but don’t worry they’re already dead
they can’t die again
but uh he’s not coming back either
you’ll never see him again
because he’s in kitty heaven remember
and you’re not a cat
so you’ll go to people heaven
not any time soon
unless you play in the street
which we’ve told you not to
of course we told you
not to let the cat out
and look where that got us
why are you crying?



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Bringing you stark existentialism since 1981.
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