Last Saturday (Day 5)

(Not all NaPoWriMo poems are autobiography. Thankfully.)

My wife tells me she’s
going to the movies
with some friends
when really she’s
with him
doing things
stuff she won’t do with me

I’m home watching
the kids watching TV
making dinner
for when she comes
home with her hair messy
her mouth tasting like him
not meeting my eyes

After tucking them in
and checking the closet
for the boogeyman
I kiss her neck
slide my arm around her
waist and under her shirt
she accepts it

Chaste kisses, lips closed
her t-shirt stays on
she won’t change position
or wrap her legs around me
or open her eyes
she grits her teeth
the wrong way

I try to change things
be sweeter
move my hips differently
she hits the imitation of every mark
enough to give me hope
I am finished
we are finished



About semiblind

Bringing you stark existentialism since 1981.
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