Moral Panic (Day 7)

(Another National Poetry Writing Month entry.)

I. 1955
This country is going to Hell
in a street rod
driven by a juvenile delinquent
wearing a black leather jacket
his hair up in a duck-tail
wearing jeans everywhere
drinking beer
smoking reefer
listening to jungle music
with his Negro friends
shaking his hips like Elvis
no respect for authority
or the flag
probably a Red, too

II. 1985
This country is going to Hell
with all these teenaged Satanists
abducting children
from the mall
sacrificing them to the devil
their heavy metal music blaring
as the wind blows through
their long permed hair
drinking virgin blood
wearing tight leather pants
under their dark robes
dismembering the corpses then
playing Dungeons & Dragons

III. 2014
This country is going to Hell
it says so on Facebook
and this email forward
lazy kids
not reading newspapers
sexting each other
cooking meth
hiring hitmen on craigslist
smoking bath salts
eating each other’s faces
getting gay married
to illegal immigrants
tweeting #YOLO
Justin Bieber zombies


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