What We Wish to Be (Day 8)

(Another NaPoWriMo entry.)

I came to you
I wanted to be
a hero.

You were broken,
shattered porcelain
I could fix.

your life
helped me forget my
own problems.

I was gentle,
secretly selfish
with your pain.

You wanted peace
which I
offered for a price
you never knew.

I molded you
something like a real
girl again.

In the process
we built
our relationship

A thoughtful boy
repair such trauma
with kisses.

Your scars faded,
as did
my desire to be
your savior.

You broke anew
that night
I pushed you too hard
to give back.

You didn’t speak
until we pulled up
to your door.

As you got out
I asked
if we’d be okay;
you said no.



About semiblind

Bringing you stark existentialism since 1981.
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