Dream Movie (Day 13)

Meryl Streep slips
her dancing tongue
between my lips
as the cameras whir
and since we’re
going off script
I lower my hand
and grab her ass
playfully but
with authority

she pulls back
giggling and I
hope we didn’t
ruin the take
since this is a
family-friendly film
about World War II
where I play a surgeon
in a field hospital
doing amputations
and removing bullets
from sweaty, seizing bodies
one of which belongs to
the oldest son in a
scrappy family of singers
trying to make it
from Europe to America
and then on to Hollywood

she isn’t in the singing family
but rather serves as a nurse
who helps me overcome
the horrors of war and
finally realizes she’s in love
the morning I leave for home
but we’ll never see each other again
now that the war’s over
which is true also of
Meryl and me

her eyes reflect the sun
behind a veil of unfalling tears and
I know we’ve shared something
even if it doesn’t make
the final cut
and I climb into
an old-fashioned helicopter
and watch the machine-made wind
batter her blond hair
as I pull straight up
away from her
into the bright blue sky
where the credits are already rolling


About semiblind

Bringing you stark existentialism since 1981.
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