Lies (Day 16)

You were born into sin
as we all were because
the First Man and his Wife
ate the wrong fruit
after she talked to a snake
who was really the Devil
and our Loving, All-Powerful God
condemned them (and us) to death
for foolishly chasing after knowledge
He had created but wanted for Himself

But don’t worry–
if you only believe
that God has a Son
who is actually still God
and not just genetically half-God
but like 100% the same yet still His Son
and you believe God sent this Son
to be tortured to death
so his God-blood could
wash away the sin you were born into
then God will still love you
enough to spend eternity with you
but if you don’t think that makes sense
our Loving, All-Powerful God
will make sure you burn forever

My mother told me this
with a straight face
when I was young
because her parents told her
and their parents told them
and so on
back to the Bronze Age
when such convoluted tales
were as logical as Zeus
giving birth from his face
or elephant-headed gods
delivering wisdom to supplicants
and your dinner was a lamb
you had raised and then butchered
so your life could go on,
a blood offering
to earn the forgiveness
of a hungry family
who wished you could be


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Bringing you stark existentialism since 1981.
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