In Deep (Day 24)

she watched him
leave work
every day
saw him getting into
the minivan
with his wife
memorized the license plate
noted the direction
they turned out of the lot
wondered about his home
until a friend of hers
spotted him taking trash out
and gave her the street name

the blue van marking
his townhome
an unweeded flowerbed
curtains drawn
she watched silhouettes
cook dinner
tuck children into bed
her skin pimpling
in the cool night air
the family snug and warm
laughter she could
almost hear

when they left
for vacation
she popped the lock
slipped inside
ate his cereal
slept in his bed
(which pillow was his?
she tried both
just to be sure)
showered and
rubbed his towel
all over and
put on the robe
from his closet and
imagind her face
in the family portrait
put everything back
just so
leaving only a heart
made with a finger
on the steamed-up
bathroom mirror

soon she started
breaking and entering
to watch him sleep
now she knew his pillow
he slept in boxers
on his left side
snored and drooled
across from his awful wife
who was pretty enough
for someone else
but not for him
scattered gray hairs
legs with long stubble
a stretched-out tank top

one night
she found
the two of them
sleeping nude
a scent of sex in the air
tension rose
her body trembled
until in climactic fury
she grabbed a kitchen knife
brought it down on
his chest and throat
watched red spurts spatter
the screaming new widow
as he shook and
his eyes rolled back
almost as she had imagined
in her sweetest fantasies



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Bringing you stark existentialism since 1981.
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