Tea Party Uncle’s Lament

Obama stole my guns
and gave them
to the New Black Panther Party
so they could intimidate white people
and he encourages inner city thugs
to play the Knockout Game
while listening to Common or Beyoncé
and filming it all on their
Obamaphones and then
aborting their babies with Obamacare
which is a government takeover
worse than slavery
but of course it’s all just distraction
from Benghazi where Obama
assassinated our ambassador
to cover up his affair
with Hillary Clinton
who was just getting back at Bill
and not really into it because
we all know she’s a lesbian
which is why Bill cheated
to start with and
Obama won’t say the Pledge
or touch a Bible
except to burn one
because he’s a Kenyan Muslim
which is why he faked
Bin Laden’s death
so he could help keep
the truth about 9/11 secret
(like if we only knew right?)
I mean this is not the
country I grew up in
where the Negro was happy
being a sharecropper
and didn’t have to be president
hell they didn’t even try to vote
and we didn’t have high taxes
or big government programs
because if you were poor
the church took care of you
and no one was lazy
and our leaders were honest
and the working man was king.


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Bringing you stark existentialism since 1981.
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