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Bradleysburg (3)

She didn’t wait for him. The ATV was right there, keys in the ignition, so she took it and headed down the path toward home. Tina wasn’t stealing. She’d leave the quad behind his house unharmed. She would treat it … Continue reading

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Bradleysburg (2)

Great round bales of hay rose from the field ahead, yellow-brown in the noontime sun. The boys walked carefree through the fresh-mown grass and up the steep hill. Jared relayed fresh intelligence he’d gathered from an older kid–Sammy Jenkins, the … Continue reading

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Cigarette Burns: Sick: The Life & Death of Bob Flanagan, Supermasochist

After a long hiatus, Jesse and I are trying to bring back Cigarette Burns. No word on how frequently these reviews will appear, so enjoy them when they do. This review has spoilers of a sort, but this is not … Continue reading

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Bradleysburg (1)

I’m looking for feedback, if you’d care to give it. Max would have to clean up the spilled garbage later. Two cans worth, scattered behind his house, and this fucking dog in the middle of it, gnawing on a pork … Continue reading

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Love Song for Aunt Molly

She sat on the floor amid Legos and wooden rails to listen as he babbled unintelligibly about his toys and she laughed when he made potty jokes, held his hand as he pushed a car around, and wondered what the … Continue reading

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